TU Dresden: Success requires strong partners

The specific profile of the Dresden research region is not just vested in the performance of its excellence university or in the diversity of its renowned local institutes and universities.


Win-win situation for the TU Dresden

TU Dresden and TUDAG have been reliable partners in the transfer of the education and advanced training mission and the cooperation with patent commercialization and start-ups. TUDAG provides flexibility for projects of approximately €40 million of additional volume. It mainly generates valuable experimental learning and new research areas.

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Rector and Chancellor of the TU Dresden

The Office of the Rector is responsible for all matters of the Technische Universität Dresden

The Rector and the Chancellor are together with the Vice-Rector the governing body of the Technische Universität Dresden. They are mainly responsible for research, teaching and transfer of knowledge. Therefore, they are the central contact partners for a successful cooperation between the university and TUDAG.

Chancellor of the TU Dresden

Dr. Andreas Handschuh

Dr. Andreas Handschuh studied Law, Economics and Mineralogy at the University of Leipzig. After his second legal state examination, he initially worked at a law society. Then, he worked as a legal advisor at the TU Chemnitz and as an advisor at the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts. Subsequently, he directed different departments at the TU Chemnitz. In 2007, he was appointed Chancellor of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and in February 2016 he took over the position as Chancellor of the TU Dresden.


Rector of the TU Dresden

Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger


Prorectors of the TU Dresden

The Vice-Rector and CTO are representatives of the Rector in their proper business areas

They are elected among the professors for the tenure of the Rector. At the Technische Universität Dresden, they represent the central topics: Academic Affairs, Technology Transfer and Internationalisation.

Vice-Rektor Academic Affairs

Prof. Dr. Gerald Gerlach

The Vice-Rector Academic Affairs is responsible for the organisation and quality of the educational possibilities at TU Dresden. His field of responsibility ranges from student counselling and support to the organisation of studies and teaching, the didactic training of lecturers and the quality assurance in studies and teaching, all the way up to postgraduate courses. The Vice-Rector, alongside the staff of Directorate 8 – Student Affairs and Continuing Education, is dedicated to these tasks.


Chief Officer Technology Transfer and Internationalisation

Prof. Dr. Ronald Tetzlaff

The Chief Officer Technology Transfer and Internationalisation is coordinating and shaping TU Dresden's developments in this area of responsibility. He represents the university with regard to internationalisation and to developments in science and economy in cooperation with external partners. The Chief Officer is committed to these tasks in collaboration with the staff of the Directorates 5 and 8, which are assigned to his area of responsibility.