We market knowledge to shape the future

Over the past 20 years, we have grown to become the number 2 in knowledge and technology transfer in Germany - alongside a university of excellence.

We combine activities which lead you to economical success

The Dresden region stands for research competencies at the highest level of quality and in a wide range of fields. The TU Dresden Excellence University and numerous non-university research institutions are at home here. The aim is to develop economic potential from their research results - that is our task, for which we stand!

Business areas of the TUDAG Group

We educate, research and establish - on cutting-edge technology

Academic and advanced academic training

includes language and diploma courses as well as master courses. The courses are developed in cooperation with the private sector and are mainly offered part-time.

Selection of knowledge fields:

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree programs
  • certificate courses
  • language training
  • Building educational organizations

Research and development, counselling and project management

comprises the solution of complex tasks for the economy, especially the medium-sized industry, from the optimisation of production processes to the development of product and process innovations.

Selection of technology fields:

  • Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Transportation, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Science)
  • Medicine and psychology
  • Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Start up's - develop and support

Based on research results, we develop start-ups, take care of correctly allocating personnel, provide support processes (accounting, HR, IT, etc.) and introduce our network to support necessary funding.

Topics of previous start up's:

  • sensors
  • photovoltaics
  • TRC


Business development

The long-term goal is a total operating performance of the group of € 100 million

Vision, mission, strategy

Our mission: To lead the TU Dresden in the WTT to the benchmark in Germany

We make use of our private-sector, medium-sized flexibility and rely on professional services.


As a partner of the professors and business we want:

  • Technology transfer in Germany, preferably at the Dresden University of Technology
  • Regional leader in academic education


We initiate and supervise the transfer of knowledge primarily from the TU Dresden to the private sector

  • Projects / Studies
  • Courses / Certificate Courses
  • and start up's

We transport the requirements of the economy into science.



Entrepreneurial flexibility meets customer understanding as a service provider.

  • Focused, own added value
  • Concentration on competence clusters
  • Key account management / networks


Companies of the TUDAG Group


5G Lab

On behalf of the 5G Lab Germany, 5G Lab GmbH pursues the transfer of knowledge and technology in the 5G field from science to industry. The 5G Lab Germany at the TU Dresden is an interdisciplinary team with over 600 scientists from 22 research areas of the TUD, which is coordinated jointly by Prof. Gerhard Fettweis and Prof. Frank Fitzek, with the aim of providing key technologies for the development of the 5G mobile phone standard.



AMFD - Scientific Competence for Complete Vehicle Development and Testing

In 2011, the AMFD, Auto Mobil Forschung (automotive research) Dresden GmbH was founded to implement development tools applicable to the industry and product solutions for automotive development and testing in a practice-oriented way. This direct connection enables practice-related access to vehicle technological skills at the Institute for Automotive Technology. For years, we have made our core expertise in a variety of ways (vehicle and road traffic safety, driving dynamics and driving comfort, vibration technology, light weight construction and life performance) to our main customers : OEMs, suppliers and scientific-related partners.



CARBOCON - With ease into the future of construction

CARBOCON is the leading service provider when it comes to carbon concrete technology: be it project management, planning and consulting for construction projects, the transfer of technology from research to industry or special questions of the development and approval of innovative and technical solutions to patent applications. As a member of the TUDAG Group, CARBOCON is a transfer, research and development service provider. The CARBOCON team bundles the competences for the clients and draws on the appropriate experts and partners to find the best solution.



denovoMATRIX - enabling human biology in vitro

denovoMATRIX develops and manufactures biomimetic coatings for the cultivation of human cells. The focus is on providing chemically defined and biologically relevant culture conditions for primary and stem cells. The modular denovoMATRIX technology enables human biology in vitro for Life Science research and onwards to cell therapies of the future.



With knowledge we achieve success - The Dresden International University

The Dresden International University is the university of further education of the Technische Universität Dresden. Since 2003, it has guaranteed professional further education which is scientifically based and interdisciplinary orientated, which will be practically applied and which is based on a high academic standard. The network, consisting of versatile cooperation partners, guarantees up-to-date knowledge and direct contact with the economy.
More than 2,400 students belong to the DIU. In total, the private university offers 41 state-recognised and accredited Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, which are mainly part-time and partly part-time. More than 30 percent of the students are international.



DyNAbind - New technology to research pharmaceutical products

The DyNAbind GmbH was founded as a new company of the TU Dresden. It has been offering technologies and products to research pharmaceutical products since 2017. By using DNA-encoded libraries of hundreds of millions of test substances, effective combinations can be found within the shortest period of time. Compared to the classical method of automated mass testing, the DyNAbind procedure is approximately 10 times faster and costs can be reduced by 90%.



EIPOS - Your partner for further education and certification

EIPOS is one of the leading providers of in-service engineering continuing education. Recognised further education courses for experts, specialist planners or experts on the most important practical issues
The focus is on the planning, construction, maintenance and management of buildings.
For over 28 years, EIPOS has stood for structured and practice-oriented teaching content, high-quality degrees and lively cooperation within the EIPOS network of experts.
EIPOS - that is competence, further education, construction.



EIPOSCERT GmbH - Professional success through certified expertise

EIPOSCERT GmbH has been an impartial and professionally independent body accredited by the DAkkS since 2013 for the certification of persons according to the DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 standard. This certifies the current and specialized expertise in a subject area as well as the high personal integrity of the certificate holder. EIPOSCERT offers accredited programs in real estate appraisal, damage to buildings, and preventive and technical fire protection for buildings. The testing and monitoring procedures are transparent and are carried out nationwide for appraisers, inspectors, and other specialists. The development of further certification programs is based on market requirements and demand.



FSA Fremdsprachen-Akademie GmbH - Customized for your company

For more than 15 years, FSA Fremdsprachen-Akademie has been developing and organizing customized business courses. Whether specialized language training or individual continuing education concepts: As a subsidiary of TUDIAS GmbH, FSA supports corporate clients in all matters relating to language and further education. In addition to traditional seminars in conversational and business language, the course offer includes a variety of technical and company-specific foreign language trainings as well as translations into and from all languages of the world. Furthermore, the intercultural seminars and workshops prepare corporate clients specifically for business relationships in an international environment.



Society for Medical Innovation - Haemotology and Oncology mbH (GMIHO)

The GMIHO's service portfolio is aimed at medical researchers in the field of haematology and oncology who want to plan and successfully implement self-initiated research projects. The company provides support from the concept phase through project management to the evaluation of national clinical trials in phases I to IV and cooperates with tried and tested partners, in particular medium-sized Contract Research Organisations (CRO) and University Coordination Centres for Clinical Trials (CCTC).



Successful innovation and knowledge transfer at a university of excellence

When the spirit of research and entrepreneurship meet, GWT-TUD's (Society for Knowledge and Technology Transfer) project services prepare the ground for something new. For scientists innovation is the objective result of their creativity. The innovation becomes the success, if it finds at the correct time the way into the application and opens new markets. The development of challenging questions with high dynamics - that is our passion and the driving force in our 1,000 + research and transfer projects.



Heliatek - Flexible solar films from the roll with minimal CO2 footprint

Founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the TU Dresden and the University of Ulm, Heliatek is today the technology leader in the field of organic photovoltaics (OPV). The Dresden-based company develops, produces and markets large-area organic solar films that are ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible and based on absolutely green technology. With its planned series production, Heliatek is primarily targeting the building market in the B2B segment. Heliatek currently employs around 150 people at its Dresden and Ulm locations.


HZDR Innovation - Comptenece meets Innovation

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) Innovation GmbH is a company providing services for technology transfer. Its core performance is the handling of production and service orders from the industry by using the expertise and the infrastructure of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf as well as other research institutions. Furthermore, it takes care of the development and manufacturing of prototypes and small series as well as the marketing of inventions. It also supports researchers when they are establishing a company.



IAM – Institute of Automotive Mechatronics GmbH (IAM GmbH)

IAM GmbH was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft from the Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics at TU Dresden. IAM GmbH specialises in transfer activities of industry-oriented and application-oriented research in the field of vehicle mechatronics.
Core topics include overall vehicle energy optimisation, automated driving and predictive operating and driving strategies, energy storage and intelligent energy infrastructures for mobile and stationary applications, testing, checking and diagnosing mechatronic vehicle systems, electrical/electronic architectures and networking in and around the vehicle.

Close networking with the Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics and the Institute of Automotive Engineering Dresden - IAD of the TU Dresden provides access to the latest scientific findings and methods for mobility solutions of the future.



Infrasolid GmbH - Infrared sensors for smart measuring concepts

The innovative and energy-efficient micro sensors of Infrasolid are components for smart measuring devices which generate information, e.g. about the CO2 content in the air, the freshness or contents of food by means of infrared identification of materials.



Innate Repair - Exploiting new biology concepts

Innate Repair Limited (IR Ltd.) is a biotech spin-off from the Technische Universitaet Dresden (TUD) with the aim of translating novel scientific concepts generated at TUD into commercially successful therapies for the treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases including diabetes. IR Ltd. was initially founded in Great Britain as Limited, as there was the possibility of seed funding from British investors. Innate Repair operates in Dresden as Innate Repair Saxony GmbH (IRSN). IR Ltd. is focussing in Great Britain on the research and development of new treatments for aggressive brain tumours, while the IRSN in Dresden works on pancreas regeneration relevant for diabetes.



Lohrmanns Brew - Brewed under supervision.

Developed at TU Dresden, Lohrmanns is the excellent result of scientific hop science with noticeably intensive taste notes - a beer with profound importance and high academic original wort. Quality, culture and taste are reflected in our hop-based beverages, just like the academic know-how and private drinking experiences of our team. This is what makes our beer a real knowledge carrier. In our brewery we get the best out of the four ingredients. The brewing kettles never stand still. Lohrmanns' mission:  brewing beer that combines science and craftsmanship in a modern way with passion, to pass on this knowledge while radiating openness and tolerance.



Riboxx GmbH

Riboxx GmbH is a so-called biotech company. The spin-off from the TU Dresden has an innovative platform technology for the production of RNA. This will enable the development and production of adjuvants for vaccines and immunotherapeutics, with Riboxx working with various companies worldwide. In addition, RNAi reagents are distributed worldwide.



Senorics GmbH

Senorics GmbH offers a patented optical sensor technology that allows the detection of ingredients and contaminants in a variety of solids and liquids, such as food, plastics and coolants. The technology based on organic semiconductors is inexpensive, miniaturizable and, thanks to its flexible design, can be used in stationary industrial processes or integrated into mobile analyzers.



SIXONIA tech GmbH - Tailorable E-Graphenes for easy integration

Sixonia Tech GmbH is a technology-driven startup company established in May 2017 and based in Dresden, Germany. Our core technology is the production and functionalization of large-flake, few-layer graphenes and their processing into various formulations. E-Graphenes are functionalized to meet various processing requirements and thus be tailored for perfect interaction with any desired matrix system. By providing good scalability and yield, low production costs and a good processability, our mission is to unleash the currently limited potential of graphene in various fields.



Smart Nanotubes Technologies

We have developed the world's first smell detector chip for mass market devices. Our goal is to enable digital smell recognition in a fast and easy way and help our customers to develop product solutions for their own smell and gas detection applications.



Smart Systems Hub GmbH

To be successful in the competition for innovative development, the Smart Systems Hub - Enabling IoT focuses on a close-knit co-operation of all corporative enterprises involved: As a lively intersection, it will bundle the extensive expertise in the key areas of hardware, software and connectivity at the Dresden location and bring together the economy, the start up scene, science and investors.



SpiNNcloud Systems GmbH

SpiNNcloud is a deep tech spin-off from the Chair of Highly-parallel VLSI Systems and Neuro-microelectronics at the Technische Universität Dresden. SpiNNcloud provides highly-parallel and real-time computing capabilities to empower customers with the third generation of AI-driven systems. SpiNNcloud has developed a technology which combines statistical AI and brain inspired chip design in order to advance real-time AI applications to an unprecedented large-scale and with an extremely high energy efficiency.



TUDATEX GmbH European Institute for Advanced Textile Technology and Textile Machinery

TUDATEX GmbH – as a direct link between ITM, TU Dresden and industry – is a R&D provider in all areas involving textile technology, textile engineering, and application-oriented industries. It offers innovative solutions from a single source. TUDATEX GmbH deals with development tasks, provides services, and assumes the transfer of results along the entire textile process chain for high-tech applications. The general scientific environment in Dresden and specific textile-related networks available to TUDATEX GmbH enable the rapid development of innovative technologies and products as well as their fast transfer into practice.



TUDIAS: TU Dresden Institute of Advanced Studies

TUDIAS was founded as a subsidiary company of the TUDAG "Technische Universität Dresden Aktiengesellschaft" in 1999. The objective of the company is to develop and provide educational opportunities. In the modern lecture theatres at TUDIAS, which are located in the World Trade Center Dresden, language courses, advanced professional training courses as well as courses for students and applicants for university places are offered. TUDIAS has been a long-term partner of the Technische Universität Dresden and the Dresden International University, especially in the field of language and further education courses.



TU Dresden Institute for Further and Continuing Education (TUD FaCE)

TUDFaCE is a consulting company of the TUDAG Group, which realizes projects mainly with foreign partners. The business areas exist especially in the field of consulting in the development of vocational education and training and further education structures in the high-tech and service sector. This includes consulting services such as feasibility studies as well as the consultation, organization and implementation of educational programs on site. Personnel and organizational development for institutions of vocational education and higher education is offered in particular through customer-oriented top managerial and management courses and consulting services. Another focus is further education for teachers in vocational education. TUDFaCE has been an accredited training center of the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) since 2017. Training courses are being developed according to a prototype curriculum of the IGIP for the field of engineering. These courses are also adapted to the needs of the target groups. Target groups include leaders (such as deans), university teachers and junior scientists. The TUDFaCE is currently the only German training institute in this field to be awarded the internationally recognized title "International Engineering Educator (IGIP)".


Road Traffic Accident Research at the TU Dresden GmbH (VUFO)

The VUFO is a non-university research institute in the field of vehicle and traffic safety. On the one hand, our company focuses on the documentation and reconstruction of traffic accidents as part of the globally renowned GIDAS project. On the other hand, we are a renowned service provider specialising in national and international projects in the field of data analysis, innovative vehicle safety systems and automated driving.



The TUDAG Board

Member of the Board of Directors (Investment Management), Spokesman

Udo Werner

studied law in Jena and Frankfurt and passed both state law exams. The fully qualified lawyer is also a graduate of Harvard University, where he obtained the title “Master in Public Administration”. He began his professional career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. There, as manager of the medium-sized companies division, the Zittau native was primarily responsible for corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, human resources, law, and finance. He especially played a major role in the realignment of the state-owned subsidiaries of the Free State of Thuringia. On October 1, 2020, Udo Werner was selected as a member of the TUDAG Executive Board, and on January 1, 2021, he was appointed as its spokesman. He is primarily responsible for the group’s finances and overseeing the company's large number of holdings.

Member of the Board of Directors (Knowledge Transfer)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans Müller-Steinhagen

studied mechanical engineering and process engineering at the Universität Karlsruhe and, following his doctorate, worked for 17 years in management positions at universities in Canada, New Zealand, and England. In 2000 he took over the management of the Institute for Engineering Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Center and the Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering [JM1] at the Universität Stuttgart before he became rector of the TU Dresden from 2010 to 2020, spearheading its successful recognition as one of the 11 German universities of excellence. Since October 1st, 2020, Prof. Müller-Steinhagen has been a member of the TUDAG Executive Board and President of the DIU and is also responsible for the academic education and training companies within the TUDAG group.

Member of the Board of Directors (Technology Transfer)

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Jacques Rohayem

studied medicine and completed his residency, doctorate, and habilitation at the medical faculty of the Technische Universität Dresden, where he continues to work as a professor for clinical virology to this day. He is the founder and managing director of Riboxx GmbH, a biotech company that has been operating worldwide since 2009 in the field of drug development and marketing. In addition to the tasks of the Board of Technology Transfer, with his expertise from more than 20 years of experience in the field of industry, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, he is now the head of GWT-TUD GmbH. GWT is a wholly owned subsidiary of TUDAG and the company with the highest turnover in the holding.

Supervisory Board

The Rector and the Chancellor of the TU Dresden are members of the supervisory board

Chairman of the supervisory board

Reiner Zieschank

Longstanding member of the Board of Managing Directors of DVB AG and DREWAG-Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

Vice-chairman of the supervisory board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kurt Rößner

Several years of experience as a scientist/university professor. Many years of experience as board member/managing director at DEKRA. President of the Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V.

Supervisory board member

Professor Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger

The Rector heads TU Dresden and is its representative to the outside world. She is the Chairperson of the Extended University Executive Board and determines the strategy guiding the university's research and teaching.

Supervisory board member

Dr. Andreas Handschuh

The Chancellor heads the administration of the university. He is the budget officer, can take part in the meetings of all committees of the university and comment on the content at any time. The Chancellor is appointed by the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research, Culture and Tourism.


The Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V. (GFF)

promotes the TU Dresden by:

supporting teaching and research tasks, the establishment and maintenance of contacts of the TU Dresden with trade and industry, the funding and the support of highly gifted and talented students and young scientists, the support of visiting scientists at the TU Dresden, the support and carrying out of research events to enable face-to-face contacts between German and international students as well as scientists.

Technische Universität Dresden Aktiengesellschaft (TUDAG)

TUDAG was founded in June 2000 by the Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V. The GFF is the sole shareholder of TUDAG. It works strictly according to economic principles and generates profits for the GFF. The profits distributed to the GFF are used by the GFF for the benefit of the public.

Well-known firms, personalities and many former students of the TU Dresden actively support the development of the university by their membership. The society exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes.


of the Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V. (GFF)


Support of cultural activities within the TU Dresden


Support for students in emergencies


Promotion of relations between former students and TU Dresden


Support and realization of scientific events to meet German and foreign students and scientists

Visiting scientist

Support of visiting scientists at the TU Dresden

Highly gifted and young professional

Promotion and support of highly gifted students and young scientists

Trade and industry

Generating and maintenance of contacts of the TU Dresden with trade and industry

Teaching and research

Support of teaching and research activities